JWT dispenser

JWT Token Dispenser

JWTenizr on GitHub AdamBien/jwtenizr


jwtenizr creates tokens and ready to use microprofile configuration.


Download the executable and self-contained jwtenizr.jar and execute: java -jar jwtenizr.jar


initial run

java -jar jwtenizr.jar creates:

curl -i -H'Authorization: Bearer eyJraW¢...(generated JWT token)' http://localhost:8080[RESOURCE and SUB-RESOURCES]


Note: The iss in jwt-token.json has to correspond with the mp.jwt.verify.issuer in microprofile-config.properties

run from anywhere

A a shell script:

BASEDIR=$(dirname $0)
java -jar ${BASEDIR}/jwtenizr.jar "$@"%

will install JWTenizr “globally”. Now you can launch JWTenizr from any directory you like

in action